ReportViewer height of ColumnGroup in a matrix RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I use ReportViewer in local mode (rdlc) in WinForm.

    I have a matrix report with as header, two ColumnGroups :

    |          |        Category1       |                                       (nameCategory)
    |          | Col1 |Col2| Col 3 |  Col 4 |                            (nameCol)                                                                      

    The datasource for the matrix are business objects with properties :
    Item.nameRow, Item.nameCol, Item.nameCategory, Item.value

    I have a problem with the height of the first headertext  (category).

    If the name of the category is smaller than the name of the col, the height is the height I fixed (for example, Cat and Col1).

    But if the name the category is larger than the name of the col, the height is twice the height I fixed (for example, Category1 and Col1).

    In the example above, the length of Category1 is smaller than the length of  Col1 |Col2| Col 3 but the height of Category1 is twice than the height of  Col1 |Col2| Col 3.

    I wishes to have the same height.

    What can I do for that ?

    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 2:05 PM