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    Hello People,

    The website of the company I work for was initially created many years ago by some unknown software (perhaps dreamwave or other - no idea).

    Then in 2003 I started to maintain it myself using FP2003/2 (FrontPage). I have no idea in web design but I could update texts and pictures.

    Later I totally stopped using the FP, and instead moved to maintain it using SPD2007 only, which was the free advanced replacement for FP.

    Recently my older PC had stopped working and I realized that I forgot to backup the website.

    Now I have PC with (Windows) 7 and already installed here the SPD2007, so my only way to continue maintaining my website is first to import it to my PC.

    Using the SPD2007 I have tried to Import the website to my PC, but it shows errors due to strange file names, I assume these are "FP extensions" (?)

    Should I simply go to the "publish website" menu, then to the remote (website) window and simply delete all these files and folders?

    Since I stopped using FP a long time ago, I assume that all these files and folders with strange names can be deleted without any harm to my website?

    Kindly detail

    Thank you,


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  • Hi,

    FrontPage can be used to modify a website created with SharePoint Designer, but going the other way (FrontPage to SharePoint) may present problems, depending on page content. Because SharePoint Designer does not support VML graphics (Textboxes, Wordart, autoshapes created with the FrontPage Drawing toolbar).

    In addition, FrontPage does not work well with Windows 7. So please check the ULS logs to figure out the practical problem.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Emir Liu

    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, December 19, 2011 11:23 AM

    Thanks Emir.

    The FP (Frontpage) is a very old software so of course I won't install it on 7 so no need to worry about that.

    Regarding the other way of FP to SPD2007:

    I completely stopped using FP in 2007.

    Since year ~2007 I have maintained (modified texts & pictures and then published) the website only using SPD2007.

    Therefore I assume that the above fact means that in my specific case it didn't have any bad effect?

    And in such case all I need to do is to simply go to the 'remote' (i.e. website) window and remove all files and folders with the strange/illegal names?

    Thank you,


    PS: what is "ULS logs"?

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  • Dear People,

    Here's the error which the SPD2007 shows when I try to import-FTP (Import-FTTP doesn't log-in at all) the website to my PC:

    Here are the files names causing the above error:





    There are also folders names causing the same error:






    1) Can I simply delete all "FP extension" files & folders directly from the remote (website) window?

    2) Is there a way to check to check whether any of the FP extnesions is needed by my website?

    Thank you,


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