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  • What will the cost be for the release edition of Silverlight?  I would like to develop some flash-like items for the few small, non-commercial and personal sites I own, and buying Adobe Flash is just too expensive.

      Is Silverlight going to be in the same price range at the Expression software ($300-400?).  Or is it free like all the studio express editions?  I am sure people must be asking for prices, and I have web searched high and low.  Before Expression Web was released, MS did at least have a FAQ item for the cost - its wasn't specific, but they addressed it. 

    And can anyone verify what, if any software requirements will be for Silverlight?  The only paid Studio or Expression software I will have is Expression Web.

    Friday, April 20, 2007 7:42 PM


  • See the faq site at




    Here it is claimed that the Silverlight bits will be free. If all you do is serve it off a generic web server, and you do all your development with notepad (or any text editor), then the only cost is serving it from a web server (e.g. the ISP fees).


    Development tools like Blend, or Aurora, etc., will cost you extra. And certainly if you want to use ASP.NET AJAX, then you'll need an ASP.NET Server with the AJAX extensions loaded. Obviously that will cost something, either to you or to your ISP, who passes that on to you in monthly fees.


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    Friday, April 20, 2007 9:32 PM