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  • Hi everyone,

    I am relatively new to .net programming and especially to database access of any sort, so please excuse a trivial questions: I need to establish a database access strategy for my application, but a quick search on bing ;) made it obvious to me, that there are several possible methods for this - unfortunately, I do not know which one to choose...Which strategy would be the best for the following scenario?

    - Mainly write access to the database.

    - The amount of data written to the database and the table layout (!!!, e.g. columns, table name etc.) are not known at design time and depend on user input at runtime

    - Support for Access and SQL Server (best without much changes in my code)

    Any ideas? thanks a lot,




    Thursday, May 13, 2010 7:25 AM


  • If you have plan for changing database, best thing is use OleDB provider in ADO.net. Its just matter of changing connection string, for changing database.


    MSAccess is good enough for a single user and DB is on local machine. But if you are looking for faster and good perfomance in network, best choice is SQL server.  More over, in MSAccess, you won't get much chance of writing complex Queries because it gives little support compared with SQL server.


    If you are using a database over network, best thing you can do is minimize network traffic by processing records at DB server and bring only those data, which is required at front end. For this you can implement stored procedures.


    While considering amount of data, MS Access become slower as numbers of records increases, in the case of SQL, till million records you won't find any difference.

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