Tast manager - GPU usage?

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  • The new tast manager is really good (although I agree with other post about graphing CPU usage more precisely). I would like to speak about GPU now. GPU plays an important role in W8. Why don't you graph the GPU usage at all? It would be nice, if you added this funkctionality for embedded and integrated graphics (APU's or chipset graphics). You could add in this feature how much of the performance goes to IE10 (HTML5, JS etc.), Metro UI... some basic things at least.

    I am not sure, how demanding it would be to add this functionality to Tast Manager, but it would provide a much better comparison between for example Flash Video in IE10 and HTML5 Video in IE10. It would also help developers in the analysis, of the power used by their apps on HW.

    Best regards to all devs!

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:53 AM

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