Setting URL column's "Friendly" Name (description) based on value in another library RRS feed

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  • WSS 3.0

    My workflow currently triggers on any change, and sets the value of a Hyperlink column to the "URL Path" definition of a separate library which has related data.

    This is work fine.  The only problem is that the a Hyperlink column has the URL, and also a description.  The workflow appears only to be able to set the URL, and it defines the "Description" with the same data. 

    So on the user view, where I show this link, rather than saying "something friendly" it says "/path/library/file.ext". 

    I certainly have a friendly name I could pull from that same related library.  But I don't see a way of defining it with workflow.  If I were able to set the URL in a more customized method, I'd like to define it as: <a href="<url path>">Friendly name here</a>.  But instead it appears that I'm only able to use the workflow dialog to say:  Action--> Set field in current item --> Set "hyperlink column" to "Related Library:URL Path".


    Am I missing something rather simple, or would accomplishing this be very customized work?

    Thanks for any direction you can offer!


    Wednesday, October 5, 2011 1:40 PM