install-sprsservice -uninstall won't run due to "detected dependent service applications in sharepoint farm" RRS feed

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  • Setup is SharePoint 2016, SQL 2016 on separate servers running on Windows 2016

    Ran into an issue with the SQL Server Reporting Services not in compliant state. Read the only way to correct this was to remove SSRS from server and reinstall after reboot.

    I removed service app, proxy and app pool, and am trying to run "install-sprsservice -uninstall" and "Install-SPRSServiceProxy -uninstall"

     but get a warning

    "WARNING: Detected dependent service applications in SharePoint farm.  No uninstall has occurred." followed by

    WARNING: Detected dependent SQL Server Reporting Services service application proxies in the SharePoint farm.  The SQL
    Server Reporting Services service proxy has not been uninstalled.

    So if I can't get these to run before uninstalling the SSRS-addin will leave the server in an invalid state.

    Need help to find out how to find dependent service applications so they can be properly removed first.



    Sunday, March 12, 2017 4:36 PM

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  • Hi,

    If you remove SSRS manually, will the issue occur?

    How to uninstall Reporting:

    If the issue still occurs, please check for ULS logs of this issue, which would give you useful information to figure out the root cause.

    ULS viewer is a good tool to check for ULS logs and you can filter error messages by error keywords.


    Dean Wang

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    Monday, March 13, 2017 10:32 AM
  • if you are familiar on powershell script. you can  execute below command on the server where you want to stop the Service

    get-spserviceinstance -Server localhost |where {$_.TypeName -like "SQL Server Reporting Services Service*"} | Stop-SPServiceInstance

    on the new server 

    get-spserviceinstance -Server localhost |where {$_.TypeName -like "SQL Server Reporting Services Service*"} | Start-SPServiceInstance

    After you execute this correctly.  you need to perform IISReset on all Servers. which will redirect SSRS request to correct server.  In Some cases, you have to restart all SharePoint Services available on Windows Services. 

    I followed below steps. 

    get-spserviceinstance -Server <ServerName> |where {$_.TypeName -like "SQL Server Reporting Services Service*"} | Stop-SPServiceInstance

    On program and feature and uninstall SQL Reporting Service from through SQL uninstall Wizard,  

    after installation, you can go to Central Admin and Check services on Server. it will be disappears from the server. 

    Thursday, August 8, 2019 9:45 PM