How do I deploy reports in Visual Studio 2019 RRS feed

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  • Please explain how to deploy reports with Visual Studio 2019.  Specifically I would like to see the steps for downloading Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition into a cache ( us the layout command for later install), then the install command to install it, then the steps to add the Microsoft Reporting Services Projects extension, then the steps to get to load a reports project, and then the steps to use the deploy command.  The reason I'm asking this question is because I want to know the minimum workloads needed to download and install for Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition to get this to work.  I got it to work with Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition with a lot of workloads that I did not need, but trying to download fewer workloads seems to not work, so I want to know specifically what workloads you have to include in Visual Studio to get it work.  The documentation seems to be a bit ambiguous, , i.e., I think it's saying that the functionality formerly included in SSDT for database projects is now included in Visual Studio 2019, and the functionality needed for Reporting projects is now included in Microsoft Reporting Services Projects extension.  However, when I load the extension into Community Edition with the CoreEditor and Data workloads, it says the reporting project is incompatible and gives some cryptic application not installed error.  That's why I want the whole process explained, i.e., what workloads are needed in Visual Studio 2019, and anything else besides the extension that might be missing.  It seems that not enough people have tried this in Visual Studio 2019 for me to find forum entries about it.  Most of them refer to what was need for Visual Studio 2017 and prior, and the documentation just has that one ambiguous blurb for Visual Studio 2019, but the blurb doesn't seem to be true in the real world, unless I've overlooked something.

    Tuesday, May 28, 2019 6:21 PM