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    I recently started a project where I want to create a client / server architecture where the client will be a PowerPoint presentation.  I originally wanted to write everything in C# and was using Office VSTO.  Unfortunately, with powerpoint you can only code at the Application level, not the document level.  This seems to imply that I can't capture events from the powerpoint presentation in the VSTO architecture.  So for instance, if I want to catch a button click event, the VSTO architecture just doesn't seem to be designed for this type of activity.  

    What powerpoint does provide is its macros, which would allow me to run VB for Applications - which is a bit more difficult to use and limited than C#.

    To summarize - what I really would like would be to have the OnClick (and other) events in a powerpoint presentation be captured in a VSTO C# (Or VB) project.  Is that even possible?  

    If Not, for this type of project - to use powerpoint as my client where I want to use the powerpoint event handles to enter code - would you just code it in VBA and drop C#, or is there a way to code powerpoint macros in C# instead of VBA, or should I just have the VBA call C# somehow - like a bunch of different executables?  

    Any help with the overall approach to this problem would be appreciated.


    Saturday, June 10, 2017 1:08 AM

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