Using Dependencies from TFS10 to work with project in TFS 11 beta


  • Hi,

    I am starting a new project for which I want to use TFS 11's scrum template for project's better planing as TFS 11 is rich in features for that purpose.

    The problem that I want to resolve is how can I use dependency projects that are there in TFS 2010 for my new project in TFS 11 beta.

    Is there any way that TFS 11 can reference dependency project's of TFS 2010 and clients can seamlessly work with TFS 11 to download new project along with dependency projects.

    Otherwise on Client side what would be optimal way to work with both servers to have latest dependencies from TFS2010 and my new project from TFS 11?



    Tuesday, April 17, 2012 3:54 PM


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