Default Subscription expiry time for office365 managment API RRS feed

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  • I am subscribing to the office365 management API using the below URL

    HTTP Request body is
    'webhook': {
    'address': 'https://<publicip>:9216/webhook/office365?apikey=N9jxvydjHi5wqmHIpPa2kbvylqHrGo4O',
    'expiration' : '2030-12-12'

    I am successfully subscribed with office365 management API, but in the above HTTP request body  'expiration'  value I have mentioned as '2030-12-12', does it mean that subscription is valid that time.
    If We do not provide the expiration value in the request, what is default value for expiration.
    Monday, September 18, 2017 11:13 AM