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           Myself as a programmer, I wish to use the Adcenter API  for my new web-application.I have some doubts about  service 'SignUpCustomer', that I am listing below .

    1) Is there any limit for creating customers using 'SignupCustomer '.

         2) If there is a limit exists for creating customer, please let me know how much it will be.

         3) I hope that is a customer is created using 'SignupCustomer ', an account and user is created along with that customer.
    And the limit of 10,000 campaigns is applied to all the accounts of customers.

          Suppose I have an account with  reseller status, if  I can create 1 customer, I can add up to 10,000 campaigns to the account of added customer. If I created another customer I can add another   10,000 campaigns using the new account for the newly created customer.

          If you don't mind please let me know my questions are right or wrong, if I am wrong please let me know, which are all possible and not possible during  'SignupCustomer ' operation.

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 9:55 AM

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