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  • I am using Access 2016 Pro in Dutch. I have a report that I have designed as follows:

    As you can see I have placed pictures in the Report Header and in the Page Footer (a logo). I used the "Insert Picture" button to do that (with the exeption of the fills, the square, and checked/uncheked boxes). Both of the inserted graphics are JPG's which I have exported from my Graphics Design program at 300 dpi (which I use all the time). I have filled the Page Header with medium green (light green text color) and have an elongated rectange with a light green fill color and a grey border in the Page footer. There is a checked/unchecked box in the details section based on a True/False control. And I have filled the Header (Koptekst) with light grey. On screen in Print Preview, this gives me exactly what I intended.

    When I print this to my color laser printer, I don't get any of the graphic elements, including that I don't get the check/uncheked box and color fills. Interestingly, I DO get the grey border of the rectangle in the Page footer, but not the light green fill color. HUH?
    When I export to PDF, everything is fine.
    When I print to my PDF printer (PDF995), everything is fine.
    When I print this to my HP Inkjet, everything is just fine.

    Access is the only program that does this (not only on this Report, but this is the most consistent one); every other Office program I use prints my graphics just fine.

    I looked at all the Properties of both the Report and of the "missing" graphis, but nothing jumps out at me as "Aha, that setting is why it isn't printing graphics!" The fact that everything is fine when printing to PDF or my Inkjet is obviously an indication that this is a printer related issue. I noticed a setting "Fast Print to laser" (I am translating from Dutch) and changed that setting from Yes to NO. No change. Since no other Office program has a problem with my OKI MC352 color laser printer, I have no idea what setting might be causing this. I did check the printer driver, but all the settings there are what I use for all other print jobs from Word, Excel, Publisher and any number of other non Office applications.

    I read the suggestion somewhere that the problem might be the use of JPG and to convert the graphics to BMP. When I do this the onscreen version becomes unacceptably pixelated and fuzzy, but more importantly, the graphics element still does not print. Nor would that solve the missing fill colors or missing check/uncheck box, since that isn't a graphic JPG that I inserted.

    Does anybody have any idea what's up?


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