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    Im trying to develop a website where visitors can choose their language.
    English, French and German.
    This means that for example all labels can be three different languages. But also my text.

    I was thinking how to solve this.

    1. Sometimes on sites you see in the URL the extensios of the language you chose, e.g. www.mysite.com/en for English
    How does that work?

    2. I'm thinking of performance as well, so if I need to load my website text (e.g. a FAQ list all from my database, this might affect performance.
    So should I create an instance of my website for each language and synrchonize each database?
    Or perhaps should I keep my language specific data in a separate database and other data (like memberdata, orderdata etc) in one centralized database?

    I was thinking of making a directory for each site with its own web.config. In this web.config I would place a connectionstring to the appropiate language specific database (or is a table in a centralized database better?). All label text etc would be loaded from this database, while all other data (such as membername, membercity, placed orders) would come from a centralized database...

    I'm having real difficulties with this, so if someone knows the best solution please explain in detail!

    Saturday, January 14, 2006 5:49 AM

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