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  • When I start the Browser-Preview with my MSExpression4 of any file I get a Web-Connection to Firefox (my Browser).

    But then I don´t see the preview of my page - I see a webpage with this commercial content which has included parts of the adress of my page ? file.html

    Can anybody help my to eliminate this silly item ?



    Sunday, November 6, 2011 6:29 PM

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  • I have no idea what this means..."a webpage with this commercial content" What commercial content? What parts of the address of your page?

    Are you opening the site first, then the page, then preview? You can't preview a lone page outside the context of the site; you must open the site first.

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    Sunday, November 6, 2011 6:56 PM
  • First - web browsers break on spaces in file or folder names which is why you should never use them assuing "my file.html is the correct file name and even if it wasn't I've never seeen htdocs in the actual file path so it should be something like which does in fact give me a shopping cart page.

    htdocs would be the root folder of your domain and the address that a browser will resolve my%20file.html with the %20 being the encoding of a space which if not present or fails means the page will not render.

    Sounds to me like you are really have no clue how web design/development works. So in a sense you are correct that your problem is a "silly item" but it is really more of a lack of knowledge of how web servers work than it is anything else.

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    Sunday, November 6, 2011 7:45 PM
  • If you "preview in browser" all you should be getting is your site, and this should be at the local level, not your live site, i.e. for preview, if you are using the development server or other on your PC, the URL should look something like http://localhost/yoursite

    If the site content (as per screenshot) is not your actual site content, I don't know what to advise you.  

    Have you published into the correct folder on your live site?  (Your host should provide you with the correct instructions and details).

    Maybe your browser has been "hijacked" and keeps sending you to this site.  It could also be "holding" content ready for when you publish your real site to this domain.   According to, this domain appears to be registered with (can't get any domain owner info) so I suggest contacting them about this issue (if the content is indeed published on your hosting account connected with this domain and GoDaddy is your host and domain registrar (?) 

    Maybe the IP/Domain name hasn't fully registered to your host's servers yet, and this is still content pointing to the previous domain owner's site.

    (this is all guesswork).

    The above still doesn't explain why the "preview in browser" is not working as expected.


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