Win 10 RRS feed

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  • Dear Microsoft,

    four years ago I bought a Sony Vaio laptop
    with Windows 7 professional on it. I have been using this machine almost
    daily since then, it has been great, I really like it.

    I wouldn't want it any different than it is!

    For the last couple of weeks that laptop has been nagging me about an
    update to Windows 10 (or what ever you want to call it, Win #9 by my

    Let's put it simply, I like the machine the way it is,
    I work with it daily as a professional, I do not want to make my life
    difficult with a system upgrade!

    I have looked around among the
    Win 7 system settings and Windows Update settings, but could not find a
    way to tell this to you via my laptop.

    Thus I will start trying to tell you on every other channel I know about, FB being one of them.

    Let me keep the machine I bought and paid for the way it is!
    It is now my property and should be none of your business!



    Friday, October 30, 2015 11:18 PM