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  • I have created a presentation using PowerPoint 365. It contains several linked video clips with subtitles imported from a TTML file (XML). This works fine on my Dell Workstation but when I tried to run it on an Intel NUC, I immediately got the following warning message at the bottom of the screen and the subtitles didn't appear.

    [Subtitles aren't currently available. Please check your Windows microphone privacy settings and restart subtitles.]

    Neither computer has a microphone but the microphone was turned ON in the privacy settings on my Dell and was OFF on the NUC. Changing the NUC's privacy setting to turn on the mic didn't solve my problem, but the error message now reads as follows.

    [Subtitles are not currently available. Please check your microphone and try restarting subtitles.]

    These warning messages appear to be related to the ability to create instant subtitles for a spoken commentary, something that was introduced to PowerPoint in May 2019. I'm not interested in such subtitles. Where can I turn off this feature in PowerPoint without affecting my ability to use imported TTML subtitles?

    Version details

    I only signed up for a 30-day trial of Office 365 a few days ago. Both my computers are running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, version 1909, but for some unknown reason the 32-bit version of Office 365 was installed on my Dell Workstation.

    There is also a difference in the PowerPoint Playback ribbon between my Dell and the NUC when a video clip is selected. The Dell shows both a Caption Options and a Captions section on this ribbon (it was the latter section that was used to import my TTML subtitles). The NUC only shows the Caption Options section.

    The exact version of PP on my Dell is PowerPoint for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11929.20436) 32-bit
    The exact version of PP on my Intel NUC is PowerPoint for Office 365 MSO (16.0.12527.20260) 64-bit


    EDIT:  I've just remembered that the TTML(XML) subtitle import capability was provided via an add-in called Stamp, which is not installed on the Intel NUC. That almost certainly explains the difference in the PowerPoint Playback ribbon.

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