Failing debug configuration test during submission process


  • I am encountering an issue where I am constantly failing the perquisite check during the submission process because it keeps stating the one of our support libraries is built in debug mode. I have checked this multiple times and rebuilt the support library multiple times to ensure that has in fact been built in Release mode, but it continues to fail in the same manner. I have checked the project settings as well to ensure that I am in Release mode and have the .Net Native compile setting is enabled.

    I have even used the WACK tool on my dev machine to attempt to reproduce the failure, but it passes. I did recently discover though that my local WACK scan differs from submission process scan. Thus, I am wondering how can I either fix my package to pass, or if there is something else that is wrong?

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  • After a very detailed search the problem turned out to be that one of the project within our support libraries did not have the optimize flag checked during a release mode configuration, but all of the rest did. I wish that the WACK tool, included with the Windows 10 SDK, would include this scan so that this issue can be rectified without having to waste time submitting to the Windows Store. Here is a link to another question that had a similar issue.
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