DFSR of both DCs is stuck in Initial Sync state; how do i get them to Normal State. RRS feed

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  • I have a root domain with two DCs (DC0 & DC1) that are stuck in DFSR Initial Sync state (#2).  DC0 is the PDC and holds all the roles.  Both DCs are subject of Content Freshness protection: MaxOfflineTimeInDays:60 and both are Sharing SysVol. These DCs have evolved to this state after a non-Authoritative DFSR Restore enacted upon DC1 as was subject of DFSR/4012 (actually both DCs were).  -I did SystemState backups before the restore.

    (This infrastructure is that of a product development lab.)

    The results of the dfsrDiag propagationReport test (as per Ms/kb) is that there are problems reading test file on DC1. -Get the same results running the test on either DC.

    Initially after the restore, DC1 did boot without any DFSR errors/warnings. However, had 4614 indicating that SysVol has been initialized but did not get any 4604 event indicating replication has occurred.  DC0 would boot with DFSR warnings/errors (5014; partner error will retry, 5002; partner issue with Domain System Volume, and 4612; waiting for initial replication).

    By the next day, both DCs behaved identically; DC0/DFSR reaches out to DC1 for replication which doesn't happen and then 10 minutes later DC1 reaches out to DC0; also in vain.  This scenario repeats every 8hrs and is evidenced by each DC respectively encountering  DFSR events ...

    • Warning 5014
      The DFS Replication service is stopping communication with partner <otherDC> for Replication Group Domain System Volume due to an error.  The service will retry  the connection periodically.

      Additional Information
      Error: 9033 (The request was cancelled by a shutdown)
      Connection ID: <GUID>
      Replication Group ID: <GUID>

    • Error 5002 (24 seconds later)
      The DFS Replication service is encountered an error communicating with <otherDC> for Replication Group Domain System Volume.
      Partner DNS address: <otherFQDN>

      Optional Data is available Partner WINS Address: PlantPAx-DC1 Partner IP Address: 172..20.60.11

      The service will retry periodically

      Additional Information Error: 1726 (The remote procedure call failed) Connection ID: Replication Group ID: <>

    • Error 4612 (immediately after)
      The DFS Replication service initialized SysVol at local path <default> and is waiting to perform initial replication.  The replicated folder will remain in the synchronization state until it has replicated with its partner <otherFQDN>.  If …

    Currently, i'm pursing the 9033/shutdown issue.  However, Ms/kb2958414 has a scenario that closely matches mine which prescribes an authoritative restore on the DC that's not waiting for replication; for me, it could be either but i would do the DC0/PDC.

    So, if anyone has any experience with this, I'd really like to hear from u!  -Should i pursue 9033 resolve or is the restore the quicker/easier approach (will it work or cause more grief)?

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