Azure File Storage Local Copy


  • Does anyone know if Azure's File Storage allows users to keep offline copies of files. What happens if a user loses internet access? Will they still be able to access their files? How does Azure File Storage differentiate from OneDrive for business, and can I use OneDrive with Azure?
    Wednesday, August 3, 2016 2:09 PM


  • A file in File storage is accessible only with internet access. Since File storage is an Azure service, your files are stored in the cloud. With internet access, you can connect to an Azure file share as though it were a file share on another server in your organization, for example (with network access). 

    However, you could write application logic to create a local copy of all or some files in an Azure file share. The application would need to sync the two on a regular basis. (This would be a little like writing your own version of One Drive.)

    One Drive is a separate service from Azure. Although it is built with Azure Storage on the back end, One Drive does not give you access to files via the Azure Storage APIs. You are limited to the One Drive functionality.

    If your need is simply to have users store files in the cloud that can be shared, and also have access to those files when offline, then One Drive is a good solution.

    If you need a more sophisticated application with file shares in the cloud, then File storage may be the right solution for you. For example, File storage is a good choice for enterprise applications that rely on a file server, where the organization wants to "lift and shift" the application to Azure.

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016 6:56 PM