Problem with sleep, shutdown and external HDMI support RRS feed

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    I am having several problems with my //build tablet: I thought I had messed up my Windows 8 Consumer Preview installation, but they persist still after the upgrade to the Release Preview.

    Follows a description of all them:

    - HDMI output (both from the mini hdmi connector on the tablet itself and the full hdmi connector available on the docking station) works during boot, but as soon as I get in windows, it detects the external monitor but nothing appears there, whatever option I choose (mirror vs only external monitor vs extend).

    - When shutting down or restarting the Slate, the operating systems closes everything correctly but at the end of the process, after the screen is switched on, I continue to see the blu power led on (and hear the fans). If I leave it in this way, it only *really* shutdown when the battery discharges (waited several hours...)

    - The sleep incurs in the same problem: the screen swithcs one and the tablet doesn't enter in the S3 sleep mode. Same with hibernation.

    It's worth nothing that both the problems, the operating system does not detect any issue (since it doesn't log anything there).

    Is it an hardware problem? I am trying to check with an Ubuntu live USB installation but having problems in booting with it (even if I disable secure boot and press the volume_up key while switching on).



    Friday, June 8, 2012 7:03 AM