MSDN SQL Server Release Notes - November 2015 RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • This release contains updates made to protocol documents since the last release.

    The following known issues exist in the November 2015 release:

      • Underscore      characters are not always visible in code in the PDF files, depending on      the magnification selected by the user. Those characters are present in      printed versions of the PDF.
      • Information      in a table row may split across two pages.
      • Table      borders are not always visible, depending upon the magnification selected      by the user. Borders are present in printed versions of the PDF.
      • Cross-protocol      links are functional only when the PDF files for all the cross-referenced      protocols are in the same folder.

    Note: Links in the PDFs do not resolve in Adobe Reader 9 because Adobe has changed the default setting for view mode in Adobe Reader 9. To access such links, perform the following procedure:

      • In      Adobe Reader 9, go to the Edit      menu and click Preferences.      
      • In      the Categories list,      click Documents.      
      • Under       PDF/A View Mode,      change the selection from Only      for PDF/A documents to Never, and click OK.

    Additional details on changing the setting are located on the Adobe help site:

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 9:15 PM