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  • 1.  There ought to be searchable help when entering SB code.  Find and replace would be nice as well.

    2.  I find the "cutesy" colorization of entered code to be just that.  It is of no practical use to me, personally, and I believe it detracts from easily reading the code.

    3.  I strongly urge that there be at least an option to enable strong typing, or at least allow variables to be typed before being used.  I think it is important for even beginners to become accustomed to data types.

    4. Simpler to use I/O would greatly add to the ability for new users to code in SB.


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  • Here are the answers in order:

    1.  The latest version has a feature like IntelliSense that you could use for searchable help when entering SB code.

    2.  Well, the syntax high-lighting of SB code may be of no practical use to you personally, many, many, many people like it and it does help with the readability of the code and specific tokens of the language.

    3.  SB was not untended to be strong-typed. Beginners need to be introduced to variables before types, and it will be harder for them to grasp this concept. Also, it is extra worry for the beginner to worry about types and strong-typing.

    4.  I disagree with you on the topic of I/O not being simple enough; I almost think it is too simple.

    Small Basic isn't the only programming language out there; there are many, many more. Try considering VB.NET. Or do a Google/Bing search and see what you find. You can also email me and ask about programming languages (I am a Programming Language Consultant (PLC)) and tell me what you do and don't like about Small Basic or any other languages you may use.

    Hope this helps and best regards!


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