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  • Hi,

    I have trying to start a workflow programatically from c# in an asynchronous way.

    Would someone please help me find a solution to this problem?


    Here is the code I use to start the workflow:

         //Start the workflow(s)
         SPWorkflowManager oWfManager = null;
         SPWorkflowAssociationCollection oWfAssocColl = null;
         oWfManager = _myTeamSite.Site.WorkflowManager;
         oWfAssocColl = oCurrentItem.ParentList.WorkflowAssociations;
         foreach (SPWorkflowAssociation objWorkflowAssociation in oWfAssocColl)
          if (String.Compare(objWorkflowAssociation.BaseId.ToString("B"), this.WfGUID, true) == 0)
           if (oWfManager.GetItemActiveWorkflows(oCurrentItem).Count == 0)
            SPWorkflow w = oWfManager.StartWorkflow(oCurrentItem, objWorkflowAssociation, objWorkflowAssociation.AssociationData, true);
            //The above line will start the workflow...
            //Something went wrong!
            CustomValidator1.ErrorMessage = "Attempted to start a workflow on an item that already had an active workflow running on it! Please report this to the administrator.";
            CustomValidator1.IsValid = false;
            CaughtError = true;

    Thanks to all,


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