Creating Dynamic dataset in Azure data factory v2


  • Hi,

    Below is my scenario:

    We have three Azure Database in different Region. All three Database have exactly same tables, schema and name.We can say its just replica of one database to other. 

    We want to move data from all three databases to our Report Database for further reporting purpose. For ETL we are using Azure data factory v2.

    My problem is that , for each datasource and table i have to create different dataset.

    For Ex.:  database A ,B and C having City Table with same schema. Now to pull data for city table from these database I have to create four linked services three for Source Database and one for destination.Then I have to create three source dataset and one sink dataset and further three different copy activity.

    So its kind of repetitive thing which we are performing only change is Dataset name.

    I was looking for Solution , if there is possibility to dynamically pass  dataset name in single copy activity using foreach activity.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2018 6:51 AM

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