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  • I have three projects that are in their own solutions. These projects also have their own developers and their own repositories on VSTS -- aka VSO. They are:

    1. ASP.NET MVC Project
    2. BusinessLogic Project
    3. Infrastructure Project

    We do want to keep these projects separate so that each team can work on their own project independently. It's also very important for us to make sure that each team has access rights only to what they need AND nothing else. So we don't want the Infrastructure team accessing the ASP.NET MVC project and vice versa.

    The ASP.NET MVC project needs to reference the DLLs from the BusinessLogic and Infrastructure projects. It's easy enough to reference the DLLs through the "References" and browse to the DLLs.

    My question is how can we make sure that when the BusinessLogic or Infrastructure teams update their projects, we "automatically" get the updated DLLs into the ASP.NET MVC project. How can we set this up?

    Thanks, Sam

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  • Hi Sam,

    Not very sure that whether you get any build output message in your side if you just build your MVC project.

    But I test two simple sample in the same solution, for example, create a simple class library project A and C# project B, add this library A as the reference of the B, if I change the A, and then I run the B, it would use the latest update in the A project.

    So my understanding, we don't have to know when the reference was update, we just compile our app directly, if they update the reference project, our project will call the update library directly. 

    Like my above steps, if you compile your MVC app, do you get the latest information directly?

    As you said that your team couldn't visit the reference project even if they are in the same solution, am I right? Maybe you could just test a sample, let other team member changed one line code, and the really run your app in your side, so we could know that whether it could impact your app. I didn't use certain visit limitation or VSO as the version control tool in my side, but it really works well with only the VS IDE.

    Best Regards,


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