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    We have an Oracle > SQL Sever Snapshot Replication set up we are testing out.  I have 4 total subscribers and 2 Publishers all on a single stand-alone instance of sql server 2005 ent.  The 3 from the fist publication are working just fine, however the last one from the second seems to have stopped distributing and I have not disabled anything. 


    I did however create a new publisher and a new database for quick test.  The newly create publisher\snapshot and subscriber\database still only replicated some of the data even though it was a fresh set up with NO filters….


    This leads me to believe the distributor is the issue, but I did not change anything and neither did anybody else as far as I know.  Have any of you seen a problem like this with Oracle > SQL rep?   Do you know of any reason why the distributor would opt to replicate some data and not other data even if there are no filters applied?


    Thanks in advance....


    Nathan A. DeGioia
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 7:40 PM