view SLIDESHOW of images of specific folder


  • I want vb6 code to display images of specific folder from Windows Picture and fax viewer using shimgvw.dll (Preview 1.0 Type Library).

    I can view single image using:


    but what about slideshow of specific folder........??

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  • Create a timer with the interval set to how often you want to change pictures. Use a loop to loop through all images in a folder...something like this:


    'Make sure you place this on the top line of your code
     Imports System.IO
    'This is the maximum number of images the slideshow will loop through
    Public SSImages(128) As String
    Public allowedExtensions() As String = {".jpg", ".png", ".gif", ".bmp"}
    Public CurrentImage As Integer = 0
    Private Sub getImgs(Dir As String, Extensions As String) 
      Dim di As New IO.DirectoryInfo(strDir)
      Dim aryFi As IO.FileInfo() = di.GetFiles()
      Dim fi As IO.FileInfo
      Dim I As Integer = 0
      For Each fi In aryFi
        If allowedExtensions.Contains(fi.Extension) Then
          SSImages(I) = fi.FullName
          I = I + 1
        End If
      ReDim SSImages(I)
    End Function
    'Place this into your timer  
    If CurrentImage = SSImages.Count - 1 Then
      CurrentImage = 0
      CurrentImage = CurrentImage + 1
    End If

    Note: I just typed that out into the insert code window and have not tested it...should work though remember timer interval is in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second)

    Call it like this


    Timer1.Enabled = True


    You should add something there to see if getImgs actually finds images, maybe turn getImgs from a sub to a function and have it return true if it found any images, that way you dont start working with a blank array...but this should work as long as the folder contains images.



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