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  • Ok good ppl,
      I'm a relative newbie to ADO.NET so this thing I might be asking may be very trivial...If so, please don't laugh (too much Smile))
      Is there a way to place just the ds.AcceptChanges() method call in a an SqlTransaction in ADO.NET (C#). My app forms a dataset from reading rows that exist on one DB and not on another *i'm considering also trying to put that part in a transaction, but I'm still unsure because it only serves to read data*, and then inserts those missing row in that other DB (in effect that's a conditional merge of datasets)...
      Before you suggest it, I know of using(TransactionScope...) but that seems not to be working (even though I tried to enable MSDTC on SqlServer 2000) for me because I'm trying to do this on SqlServer 2000 (and can't switch just yet to 2005)... Pointing me to some source code examples would be great and very much appreciated. TIA
    Sunday, March 2, 2008 11:58 PM