Visual Studio 2013 no smart tag for menu items


  • Hi,

    I'm following a Microsoft tutorial titled "Walkthough: Managing Web site Users with Roles".   I have set up a basic site and used the OOTB register and login pages successfully.   Two things I can not do.  First, even after updating AJAX toolkit, I cannot right click header menu in site master and access smart tag (it is grayed out).  I need to do this to link to restricted pages I create.  

    Second, from the tutorial I cannot find "ASP.NET Configuration" or "Web site Admin tool", which is needed to define, enable and create roles.  

      Lastly, when I created my login pages, Database tables for "AspNetRoles" and "AspNetUserRoles" were automatically created.  Can I interact directly with these tables instead of following the tutorial or are they autofilled by the website admin tool?

    Thank you for assisting.

    Thursday, June 16, 2016 5:27 PM