How do we get EntityKey in ObjectMaterialized event RRS feed

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  • In the previous version of OData, I used to hook ObjectMaterialized and SavingChanges events from ObjectContext in order to trace database access.

    protected void ObjectContext_ObjectMaterialized(object sender, ObjectMaterializedEventArgs e)
        EntityObject entity = e.Entity as EntityObject;
        EntityKey key = entity.EntityKey;
        string keys = "";
        foreach (EntityKeyMember keyval in key.EntityKeyValues)
            keys += keyval.Value.ToString() + " ";
        Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("User {0} GET {1}: {2}", user, entity.GetType().Name, keys));

    When Entities were derived from EntityObject, this was easy.

    Now with VS 2012 RTM, this has changed. The ObjectContext has been replaced by a DBContext containing an ObjectContext. Hooking to the same events works but Entities are stand alone classes now, they are no longer derived from EntityObject.

    What we receive now in the event is a System.Data.Entity.Dynamicproxies.myclass.

    I see an EntityKey buried somewhere in this class in the debugger, however I cannot programatically dig into this architecture because I have now idea how to cast this stuff.

    So how do I get to the EntityKey property without using reflexion?


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  • Hi,

    To get an EntityKey object you will need to drop down to the ObjectContext, something like this:



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