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  • I'm located in France but have my Windows 7 OS set to English as I'm English (with a French keyboard though as we wouldn't want to make this too easy!)

    When using Google Search to follow various MS Development questions I have, I am constantly receiving suggested MSDN pages in French. I have tried starting from but still end up with the same issue.

    They are presumably looking at my location and deciding that I want answers in the local language, when in fact they should be looking at my OS language setting?

    Sometimes the only solution is to perform searches within the English MSDN version itself, which means I am separating myself from other forums and hence I am having to duplicate effort if I want to search for an answer there.

    Presumably the fault lies with Google? However, could Microsoft pressure them to change this feature as it's really annoying.

    Thanks in hope.

    Friday, February 21, 2014 4:46 PM

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  • First, make sure that your browser is set to the correct language. Web sites will use your browser language settings, not your OS language settings.

    Next, make sure that Google ignores your location (based on the IP). See here on how to do this:

    Next, configure the MSDN to use English on this page:

    Note that the Google setting is saved in a cookie. I think the same is true for the MSDN setting. So make sure to do all of those three steps on all PCs and browsers you use.

    Those three steps should give you english MSDN pages most of the time. In the rare cases where you get a different language, simply change the URL (e.g. /fr-fr/ to /en-us/) or use a browser addon that changes the URL automatically.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014 10:56 AM