Obtener coordenadas de una sola articulación"mano izquierda" del Kinect con C# RRS feed

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    Tengo poco tiempo para el desarrollo de esta aplicación y puesto que me toca unirlas con otra para el movimiento de un prototipo robotico

    1 una solución que pueda generar por medio de tres label las coordenadas x y z de la mano izquierda con el kinect

    alguien me podría ayudar realmente e visto mucha documentación pero no encontrado algo especifico que me pueda generar esta las coordenadas


    Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:43 AM

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  • heres the translation from google translate:

    Good Night

    I have little time for developing this application and since I have to unite with another to the movement of a robotic prototype

    January 1 solution that can generate through three label xyz coordinates of the left hand with the kinect

    someone could help me and actually seen a lot of documentation but not found anything specific that I can generate this coordinates.

    Please be aware that most people here speak english in kinect forums and need to see english before being able to properly respond even though translation is possible.

    Try kinect mouse sample ( as it shows how to get  screen x,y to kinect coordinates using a kinect to mouse simulation but its in the same class to get z as it is to get x,y and so should be easy to get z coordinate. 

    Heres the robotics webpage for microsoft robotics studio which kinect support is built into:

    You need to send microsoft kinect x,y,z  coorindates to application to see what they are first but if this is not what you want please explain more.

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    Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:23 PM