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  • When processing HTML email generated by Outlook we sometimes find the following div tag in the mail body
     <div class="WordSection1">
     <div class=3D"WordSection1">

    The <div> is not matched with a closing </div> and breaks software which expects well-formed HTML when parsing mail. The mismatched tag only appears sporadically in email, and we've seen some suggestion that it resulted from a patch to Office 2007. Since we detect this on incoming mails it's impossible for us to reproduce the systems which generated it.

    1) What configuration(s) of Office and/or Outlook generate this mismatched <div>?

    2) Is there a patch that can be applied (or removed) to prevent the insert of the div, or to pair it with a closing </div>?


    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 11:04 AM

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