EHDD Test in WHCK - Could not initalize EhddDrive because GetBandManagementCapabilities failed RRS feed

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  • The drive can support TCG OPAL2.0 and IEEE 1667 (Probe silo and TCG Storage Transport Silo).

    However, when I test EHDD Test in WHCK, the error log (EhddLogoTest) is as follow:

    Machine: Build=9200.00
     OS=Windows 8.1 Enterprise
     Language=English (US) (REDMOND)

    Start: EhddLogoTest, TUID=
    SeedValue: 488792939
    Checking Band Management Capabilities for an activated drive.
    Error: 0x0, Error 0x00000000
     Get Band Management Capabilites failed.
     File=(null) Line=0
    Error: 0x0, Error 0x00000000
     Incorrect function
     File=(null) Line=0
    Command sequence saved to C:\WLK\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun42F6F877-2033-4FE8-908E-A28C82321995\FullCommandOutput1.error.log and C:\WLK\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun42F6F877-2033-4FE8-908E-A28C82321995\SerializedCommands1.error.log
    Error: 0x0, Error 0x00000000
     Could not initalize EhddDrive because GetBandManagementCapabilities failed.
     File=(null) Line=0
    End: Fail, EhddLogoTest, TUID=, Repro=

    Summary: Total=1, Passed=0, Failed=1, Blocked=0, Warned=0, Skipped=0

    Please help me solve the problem, thanks a lot!

    Thursday, July 30, 2015 2:36 AM