Scan multiple pages with WIA in C# return HRESULT E_FAIL


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    I try to scan multiple pages with WIA in C# on Windows 10 64 bit Build 17763, the first page work, but the scanner fails for second page and return an error "HRESULT E_FAIL" "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005)"

    WIA.CommonDialog dialog = new WIA.CommonDialog();
    Device device = dialog.ShowSelectDevice(WiaDeviceType.ScannerDeviceType, true, false);
    Items items = dialog.ShowSelectItems(device);
    foreach (Item item in items)
    	while (true)
    			ImageFile image = (ImageFile)dialog.ShowTransfer(item);
    		catch (COMException ce)

    I tried with some scanners HP and I have the same problem.


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  • Why do you have the "while(true)" in there?  After you have transferred an item, you probably don't want to transfer it again and again and again, which is what this code does.  You want to transfer each item once.

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  • all examples in C# use while(true) for multiple pages scanning

    on stack overflow for example : "Scanning with WIA automatic feeder scanner fails for second page"

    I think Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) has a bug on Windows 10

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  • Hi,

    From this thread, it seems like the ShowTransfer() method was unable to convert the page to .png or .tiff WHILE scanning. Try to set the format to JPEG or BMP to solve the issue:

        ImageFile image = (ImageFile)dialog.ShowTransfer(item, FormatJPEG, false);

    Also please refer to the following similar threads:

    Multipage WIA scan (docfeeder) scans 1 page and blocks scanner

    Scanning with WIA automatic feeder scanner fails for second page



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  • My code work when I choose in the "device selection dialog / Which device do you want to use?" :"HP scan driver", and doesn't work when I choose "WSD Scan Device".
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