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    I noticed that migration tools are discontinued (last version 2.5 and there are not available to download). Is there any doc how to migrate roaming profiles of xenapp citrix environment into FSlogix Profile Containers ?

    600 users and 15 application servers for sessions ...

    Thanks !

    BTW, I've tried to make it by command FRX copy-profile based on docs, but it says that it just cannot be copied (but I've logged by user, which uses roaming profile.

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  • Hello Piotr Kania,

    Does the following forum thread help?
    How to manually copy an existing user profile into an FSLogix profile container

    If that doesn't work please let us know so we can help find another solution.


    - Micah Adamson

    Tuesday, August 6, 2019 9:58 PM
  • Dear Micah

    of course - I read all forum and all docs!

    This manual is not very clear for me.

    FRX copy-profile doesn't work in my first machine (test win2008R2 server with citrix session). 

    I have one normal logged user on citrix session (which uses native roaming profile). I'm logged as Administrator on RDP session.

    1. Command line frx is not able to find SID of logged user. End users don't have any administrative permissions and their environment is very restricted (f.e no command line and no access to C drive directly).

    2. When SID is provided, I have the message that this profile cannot be copied.

    2. Im not sure, but in examples it is related to LOCAL profiles. Local copy of roaming profile is the same for the tool ?

    And you know, we have 600 user profiles. Generally im a little suprised that such tool is without any migration tools.

    Thank you !

    UPDATE: Next attempt and different result:

    C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps>frx copy-profile -filename c:\temp\pk.vhd -username ANT\piotr.kania -verbose
    User "ANT\piotr.kania" SID is "S-1-5-21-1257003402-3271301972-3461812481-18717"
    Volume Label: ANT\piotr.kania
    Session count: 7
    Found user:
    Found user:
    Found user: admin_ctx
    Found user: rafal.domagalski
    Found user: piotr.kania
    Found user:
    Found user:
    VHD not found.  Creating...
    Create success.  Attaching...
    Attach success.  Getting physical path...
    Get physical path success.  Opening device...
    Open device success.  Initializing disk...
    Initialize disk success.  Getting volume name...

    Error retrieving volume name (0x00000490): Element not found.

    Detach VHD success


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  • Now it seems that profile containers work fine. But how to migrate profiles of roaming users into them?

    Is it possible to download these old migration tools somehow ???

    Thanks !



    Thursday, August 8, 2019 10:22 AM
  • Hello Piotr,

    Thanks for the update. I apologize that the old FSLogix migration tools are no longer published. I'm not sure if this scenario would have been completely covered by the old version of the migration tools. Hopefully, there will be a new version of migration tools for FSLogix again in the future, but I can't make any guarantees about when.

    For now, I have two recommendations:

    1. Please file a feature request to let the DEV team know that migration tools are important to work on as their highest priority from:
    2. You could open a support ticket to see if there is anything else available for migration that is not published: How to open an FSLogix Support Request

    -Micah Adamson

    Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:38 PM
  • The old migration script has been discontinued. A new utility is in development and should be available in the month or two.

    You are using Windows Roaming Profiles? If so, would you be willing to try a test version?

    Thursday, August 8, 2019 7:49 PM
  • Hello Randy and Micah

    It would be nice to have any oportunity to make some tests.

    BTW I found I'm in the middle of adoption process of that script. It seems that it is not so difficult :-). But Im not expert in PS.

    Thanks !

    Piotr Kania


    Friday, August 9, 2019 7:21 AM
  • Hi

    I've got old migration tools from MS support. But these scripts are prepared only to migrate local profiles or Im doing something wrong. 

    The second script found - it works much better, but I have general issues with profile containers - sometimes these diskcs are not correclty created/updated. It is still some issues within migration. Im checking.

    Thanks ! 


    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 12:54 PM
  • I'm looking to convert Citrix UPM to FSLogix as well, so if you have a test version I'll be willing to try it.


    Monday, August 19, 2019 11:50 AM
  • Hello Martijn,

    If you would like to request a test copy of the FSLogix migration tool, please open an FSLogix support request from: to officially request a copy.


    - Micah Adamson

    Monday, August 19, 2019 6:30 PM