Biztalk Context ReceivedFileName


  • Hey all,

    Currently I'm trying to write a script which gets all the suspended server instances from Biztalk.

    nvcName as ApplicationName,
    InstancesSuspended.dtSuspendTimeStamp as DateSuspended,
    nvcAdapter as Adapter,
    nvcURI as URI,
    InstancesSuspended.nvcErrorDescription as ErrorDescription,
       CASE Instances.nState
       WHEN '4' THEN 'Suspended - Resumable'
       WHEN '32'THEN 'Suspended - Not Resumable'
       END AS State
     FROM BizTalkMsgBoxDB].[dbo].InstancesSuspended
     LEFT OUTER JOIN [BizTalkMsgBoxDB].[dbo].[Services]
           on InstancesSuspended.uidServiceID = [Services].uidServiceID
     LEFT OUTER JOIN BizTalkMsgBoxDB].[dbo].Modules
           on Modules.nModuleID = [Services].nModuleID
    LEFT OUTER JOIN BizTalkMsgBoxDB].[dbo].Instances
     on Instances.uidInstanceId = InstancesSuspended.uidInstanceID

     ORDER BY InstancesSuspended.dtCreated desc

    I am trying to get the message details > Context > ReceivedFileName. I've serached on google and it might be serialized in the imgPart column on the dbo.Parts table, but I'm not sure.

    Is there a way to get the ReceivedFileName?

    Thanks for your help

    Friday, September 27, 2013 9:05 AM