DQS 'Hangs' when trying to import values to a knowledge base


  • Hello,

    I am having a problem in DQS (2014) on SQL Server 2014; When I am trying to discover my base values for my KB, it both says that it is done, and seemingly run forever (20 mins at the moment).

    What I am trying to make a discover analysis on is four domains related to a countries MDM table, so less than 200 rows, no biggie. As I get no error, I have a hard time identifing what the problem is. 

    Have anyone experienced something similar?

    PS: I have tried to insert a picture, but I am not allowed before I have verified my account...Which I cannot seem to do :)

    When I solve that part, i'll upload a screenshot.

    (Do you have to have to be a msdn paying user to be verified?)

    I give up on the picture/link - here is a tampered Dropboxlink. 

    https:// www. dropbox .com/s/wz9lc87786z3fv3/DQS_Screen.JPG

    Thanks in advance,

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