SSRS Newbie


  • I am very familiar with SQL Server but new to SQL Server Reporting Services.

    I have a Report to build but I'm having a problem getting it set up.  I have the data source and data set but that's as far as I get.  The issue is that first I need to group the report by PCP Then for each PCP there are 2 Lines of Business and 6 Items we are tracking  (Membership, Claims, Authorizations, Inpatients, Urgent Care Visits, ER Visits by Month for the preceding 3 months.

    Structure something like this

    PCP  John

    LOB Senior

                                  April 2013           May 2013        June 2013 

    Membership              100                     101                  103

    Claims                      121                     123                  121

    Authorizations             15                       17                    11

    Inpatients                     1                        0                      2

    UC Visits                      15                     13                     12

    ER Visits                       9                        7                      11 

    But no matter what I try and do I can't seem to add the PCP and LOB to the grouping on the report. I can add individual fields but no grouping. Also Would like to add a series of Small Bar Graphs for each of the Tracking Items by PCP Each graph would have 6 bars 2 each for the individual months. All I can seem to do at the moment is add each field to the body of the report with no grouping. Any help is appreciated.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 7:47 PM