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  • Hello all

    Really hoping this is a simple mistake on my part...

    I am trying to plot Planned vs Unplanned hours in two graphs, one is for all projects and one is for a selected project, which is selected by combobox. The data used to plot the graphs consists of columns "Week commencing", "Type" and "HoursActual", which are date, "PLanned/Unplanned" or a float respectively. The "all projects" query works fine and the graph is plotted. The single project query returns data which looks identical to that used by the working graph, but it fails to plot.

    The graph plotting properties box fails to identify the separate series (denoted by the Type - so Planned/Unplanned) for the byProject query. I could understand this in the Preview, as the combobox does not have a value, but it still does not work when in Run mode.

    Working query:

    Graph transform code (uneditable): TRANSFORM Sum([SumOfHoursActual]) AS [SumOfSumOfHoursActual] SELECT Format([WeekCommencing], "DDDDD") FROM [PU_Last26weeks] GROUP BY Format([WeekCommencing], "DDDDD"), Int([WeekCommencing]) ORDER BY Int([WeekCommencing]) PIVOT [Type]

    Query for selected project (not working):

    Graph transform code: TRANSFORM Sum([SumOfHoursActual]) AS [SumOfSumOfHoursActual] SELECT Format([WeekCommencing], "mmm 'yy") FROM [PU_ByProjectLast26weeks] GROUP BY Format([WeekCommencing], "mmm 'yy"), Year([WeekCommencing])*12 + Month([WeekCommencing])-1 ORDER BY Year([WeekCommencing])*12 + Month([WeekCommencing])-1 PIVOT [Type]

    Here is what I am aiming for - the "all projects" working query is circled in red. The "byProject" query is above, the associated pie charts (using the same queries) are also shown and strangely this is working for both queries.

    Any help much appreciated,




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    Sorry, I've thrown a couple of hours at this and I'm still stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions?




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