IE 8 bug report - Dynamically created images resized improperly when using max-width in Standards mode when image is in cache RRS feed

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  • The IE8 connect site no longer accepts bug reports, and directs me here.  I don't really want support, as I already have a workaround, but I do want report this bug so that it can be fixed in IE 9 or a service release of IE 8.  I guess since the bug tracking system is gone that this is the place now?

    Anyways.  The symptom is that images with max-width and max-height set in their stylesheet are resized to an odd aspect ratio when IE 8 is in Standards mode, and the image is already cached.  It does not occur in compatibility mode, or in IE 7 or in IE 8 as IE 7 mode.

    I have a very simple repro case and a workaround posted here:
    Since the issue requires the image to be cached by your browser, you may need to reload the page to see it. 

    If someone at Microsoft could hand this off to someone in the IE team so that they can fix it in future releases, it would be great.
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:39 PM

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  • Hi,

    It won't go anywhere without validation.


    Apart from that there is an outstanding issue ticket (don't remember the ticket number) which deals with how null height and width attributes are treated in the different IE8 rendering modes.

    If you are using Visual Studio, there is a setting to use height and width attributes or style rules for sizing images.

    Tools>Options>HTML Designer>CSS Styling

    Use width and height attributes for image instead of CSS

    One expects different behaviors when switching the IE8 Rendering mode.

    You can do the same without the DOM manipulation script.

    Display the Developer Tool and select/outline an image.... The developer tool will highlight the element in the Document outline. Double click on the height and or width attributes and a edit box will open. Delete the selected attribute. The Developer tool will redraw the page without refreshing from the cache or server.


    PS. Do a web search for "CSS Test Suite" to locate the W3c and MS IE test center test cases (CSS 2.1, HTML 4 and HTML 5 drafts) to see how other unit tests are crafted.

    If you have access to FireFox install the Tidy HTML extension which will help you understand how the browsers differ in their interpretation of the Standards and what error corrections are made internally by the different rendering engines.

    You can't trust your test case to reach the attention of someone on the IETeam.... they have long since moved on to Win 7. Actually the IE Test Center would be the place to submit a unit test for consideration in the IE test suites.

    Here is the link to the latest IEBlog post about HTML 5 developments for the next IE.


    I'm not MSFT, so I can't comment if they will accept your test case. I expect they will reject it outright because of the validation errors... as I said ONE expects differences in rendering when toggling the Compatibility (Aka Browser mode). That is the whole point of having Compatibility mode in IE8.
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 6:02 AM