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  • Hello,
    I have some questions regarding throttling on office 365.
    I have a request to build an appliaction that makes statistical processing on every incoming mail to the organization.
    I'm planning to create a new "centralized" mailbox that will recieve all the incoming emails from outside the organization.
    I will run some statistics on them (with an EWS appliaction that will be connected to this mailbox) and then return
    them back to the original recipients (Currently inline without a BCC)

    I plan to implement it by creating a new Transport Rule on the exchange server level that will redirect all the emails
    to the centrailized mailbox.
    Then with an EWS client appliaction that listens to the mailbox on a streaming notifications, I will get the emails, process them and
    return them back to the recipeints by using the EWS Send operation (Suppose i have a way to bypass the redirection loop)

    My question is about the throtteling restrictions , assuming that I have a lot of mailboxes in the organization:

    1) Does these restrictions hold when dealing with Transport Rules? If the transport rule is on the exchange level,
    who is the mailbox that consumes the ForwardeeLimit,RecipientRateLimit limits?
    2) Does the Send operation from the EWS client consumes the MessageRateLimit budget?
    3) Is there any documentation about the office 365 default throttling values?
    4) Does any other good option to implement such thing besides monitoring every mailbox using impersonation?

    Thanks alot!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 12:45 PM