Windows Installation Media not deteching my 16GB USB Flash Drive RRS feed

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  • Right, I am resetting my laptop to Factory Settings through a 16GB USB Flash Drive and using Windows Installation Media to so this.

    Having gone through the appropriate options, I come to a screen saying "You need at last 8GB is space on drive C"

    After selecting "Create Installation Media" & setting the appropriate system specs - not to mention formatting my USB to NTSB. I still get this message - which I know about already, hence why I am doing this - not giving me the option to select the USB Flash Drive as the "Installation Media".

    I believe I am developing some sort of psychic power, I mean how else would I have known that my laptop was not going to do what I told it to do and instead behave like some sort of awkward, disobedient, ill-disciplined child?

    It is a computer, not a child, computers are supposed to do what the user tells them to do, not have a mind of their own and think "I know, I'm going to make the user's life difficult today and be an arse"

    Why is my laptop not picking up the USB Flash Drive?

    Thank you

    Sunday, March 29, 2020 9:26 AM