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  • I have thought long and hard about where to start with this and have looked at the forums that is for some other time(yikes!!!)

    I am using the mouse and keyboard with no trouble at all... (there is a scroll button at the bottom of the screen) the "distance traveled" people are complaining about is trivial at best. I found it rather fluid and easier to get around on the screen even with out touch screen so I think it will work fine even with out a touch screen.  I am more eager to show a customer a short cut to get them to where they need to be than to tell them what they are looking for wont work.

    I am able to get around extremely quick between metro and the desktop (wish that was done sooner!!!) everything just clicks at the moment. when I want something I can find it.

    I love the new Task Manager all the information right there Excellent Idea!

    win+q opens the search menu and then you can click on apps and it will open all the apps on the machine in an alphabet style menu (which I completely love).

    I have enjoyed the ability to use half the screen and the other part of the screen another app running would like to be able to pin more than one there if possible or the ability to split the screens would be nice. I have a snip pic of what I am talking about if anyone would like to see. Just ask.

    Thank you. Thank you for keeping the snipping tool!!! I own a computer store and that tool more than anything has saved me more time as well as the PSR tool... Awesome which is also in Windows 8!

    I initially installed this on a machine designed specifically for Windows XP MCE (to give you the idea of the age of the machine!) and it works just as fluid as the Corei5 machine with one obvious exception... Video capability video was @ 1024x768x32 and it looked like trying to use a Video card without the drivers but it was doable.

    My only concern is metro apps. Is there a time limit on when they close themselves?  I have timed them out to about 45 minutes and to no avail. but knowing that Ctrl+Alt+Del still works no matter where you are (heheh) was able to shut them down via the task manager with no problems.  Will there be a short cut to kill all apps at once or better yet bring up a window to kill just the selected apps you would like to stop. 

    cant think of anything else at the moment, kudos!!!  First day over.

    Cant wait till the next step... thanks for listening to your customers!!!

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:13 AM

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  • Thanks for the feedback WiteTigr1.

    I'm glad your working hard to embrace the new interface.

    There are some long threads on closing apps.  Our hope is that apps are written to take little resources when dismissed and to close gracefully when resources are needed after that.  We probably wouldn't want to kill any in case there was data or a user state we wanted to save.  That said, we are hearing the feedback and this is a preview with lots of work to come.

    Stop thinking so hard and enjoy the weekend.


    Saturday, September 17, 2011 7:36 AM