KB2538243 Fails to install


  • For the past few days the update KB2538243 has tried to download and install several times but keeps failing. Its during this time that I also noticed that 'View installed updates' only shows updates that have installed the last 3 days and when I look in 'Installed Updates' it says no updates have been installed on this computer! At the moment, windows update is showing 'downloading updates - 0%' and it has been like this for 6 hours now. The green bar is moving so its not 'frozen'. (It is the KB2538243 update that is trying to download.

    I did a system restore yesterday to see if that helped but although it said restore was successful, it still showed the last 3 days of updates in 'view installed updates'?? However, as soon as the message saying the restore had been successful appeared, the taskbar started flashing on and off, icons were missing from the desktop and an error box kept appearing saying windows explorer had to close. All I could do was turn the pc off on the power button and restart it. Not sure what to do now. I am not too knowledgeable on the technical side and really don't want to re-formatt the hard drive and start all over!

    I am running windows 7 Home Premium 64bit


    Monday, June 20, 2011 10:53 PM


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