Drill Downs not working in ReportViewer RRS feed

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    Loading report from SSRS into Reportviewer with following code.  Report loads OK but drill downs do not work.

    I have read that this is caused from SessionID changing but havn't found a syntax that will work below to hardcode the SessionID.

    Also if I put the REPORTSERVERURL and REPORTPATH in setting on REPORTVIEWER the drill downs work....just not from code.

    I need to work from code...especially if I pass parameters.

    Any ideas?  Seems to be a pretty common problem but haven't seen a good answer yet.

    Dim reportServerURL As String= "http://vm-sql/ReportServer_RRCUSQL"

    Dim reportPath As String= "/WebServers/WebServers"

    With Me.ReportViewer1

    .ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Remote

    With .ServerReport

    .ReportServerUrl =New Uri(reportServerURL)

    .ReportPath = reportPath

    End With

    .ShowParameterPrompts = False

    .ShowPromptAreaButton = False


    End With

    Monday, June 20, 2011 3:03 PM