SVCHOST preventing from building a correct FTP connection RRS feed

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  • Dear all,

    From time to time one of my software application fails to build a correct FTP connection using FTPWebRequest. The problem seems to be linked to one of the SVCHOST processes running on the FTP client's host as long as when I kill it, the connection can me made again.

    The corresponding process is launched using the command svchost.exe -k netsvcs which is used by the following list of services:

    - ersvc
    - napagent
    - hkmsvc
    - xmlprov
    - wscsvc
    - 6to4
    - AppMgmt
    - AudioSrv
    - Browser
    - CryptSvc
    - DMServer
    - DHCP
    - EventSystem
    - FastUserSwitchingCompatibility
    - HidServ
    - Ias
    - Iprip
    - Irmon
    - LanmanServer
    - LanmanWorkstation
    - Messenger
    - Netman
    - Nla
    - Ntmssvc
    - NWCWorkstation
    - Nwsapagent
    - Rasauto
    - Rasman
    - Remoteaccess
    - Seclogon
    - SENS
    - Sharedaccess
    - SRService
    - Tapisrv
    - Themes
    - TrkWks
    - W32Time
    - WZCSVC
    - Wmi
    - WmdmPmSp
    - BITS
    - ShellHWDetection
    - helpsvc
    - Schedule
    - wuauserv
    - winmgmt

    The given symptoms given by the FTPWebRequest connection is "Impossible to reach the server". Filezilla Client says that there is not enough memory (ENOBUFS - Out of memory).

    When I kill the process, everything seems to continue working as expected, so I would like to find a way to select this specific SVCHOST process among the numerous others launched on the host. Is there a way to do so or must I find the service causing the problem a restart it ?

    If only the second choice is possible, I would like a little help to find the guilty service ! ;-)

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013 12:22 PM