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    Hi All

    I am building my very first SSRS website, as you can probably tell from other posts I have made recently. Smile

    In this site, I have a data cube on SSAS and reports on SSRS. I use the reportviewer control to access the server reports. However I would like to know if I should be using client side reports somehow. In other words, in a web-based report delivery scenario with SSRS and SSAS and a cube, what is the difference of using RDL versus RDLC reports? Is one "better" that the other? Are there limitations or advantages of one over the other?

    I have a copy of SSRS Recipes, and it uses an example with RDLC, but it is more of a learning tool than anything. But it got me thinking about this.


    Saturday, April 16, 2011 1:48 PM