Problems Syncing Onenote


  • Recieving this message...

    Incomplete Sync

    This notebook has not been connected in 19 days.  If this location no longer exists or has been moved, you can sync this notebook to another location.  If you expect this location to become avaliable again, you do not need to do anything.

    Error when attempting to sync this notebook 0xE4010654

    Also, I have no access to sign into my account with skybox on onenote.

    When I go to share my notebook the only thing that appears is

    Already Shared on Web

    Microsoft Skydrive

    The notebook is shared with anyone permitted to access this location.

    Any ideas that I maynot have heard of.  I have been all over the web looking and nothing gives me a specific response.  I have re-installed the program and everything.  I have deleted the notebooks I am sharing and tried to grab them and open them directly from skydrive but still to no avail.  HELP!  I am not being asked to sign into my account anymore either!  It just feels like onenote died on me.  I can take notes but there is no point in having them if I can't sync them across multiple devices to share with others.

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